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IX Annual Compassion without Borders at Islip High School

The ninth annual Compassion without Borders Student Leadership Conference at Islip High School was a spectacular event! The one hundred Islip students and the hundreds of Suffolk County students in attendance
reinforced the singular mantra of this leadership initiative...when you
bring great students together, great things happen! Over the past nine
years, over three thousand students from Suffolk County have been presented with the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and return to their home schools ready to enact meaningful change in their respective school communities. Kudos to the Islip School District for hosting this years event and showcasing their wonderful students and staff. Regardless of school district border lines and rivalries, Compassion without Borders brings all Suffolk County High Schools together under the banner of leadership and unity!

Compassion without Borders at Islip High School brought over 370 student
leaders from thirty five different schools from across Suffolk County to
discuss their compassion in their schools and communities. Some of the
highlights of this event are as follows:

- Our #Countdowntocompassion on Instagram started getting schools
involved in the PAY IT FORWARD movement months before the event. This was a student idea that was put into action by our very own Nicole Hall!
- They were all inspired with a message from renowned Keynote speaker,
JC Pohl from Teen Truth

- We collected enough can tops to fill an entire 50 gallon garbage
pail. These will be sent to Town Hall to support the Autism Speaks

- Islip students and our guests wrote personalized cards that will go
to Jacob Thompson, a terminally ill 9 year old boy who lives in Maine.
Jacob’s Christmas wish was to receive home-made cards. He will now get to
read over 200 of them from students from ALL OVER SUFFOLK COUNTY!!!

Jacob will ALSO get the Compassion Quilt that was created in Ms. Stevens’
workshop. That decision was made by the students after they were moved by Jacob’s story!

One of our major goals was for our visitors to not only leave inspired but
to leave with something tangible that they can take home to their buildings
and communities. Each school received or will receive:

• A pennant commemorating the day that includes their logo, our logo and
their mission statement for CWB

• An Action Plan of how to initiate their own Pay it Forward program

• workbook that includes each lesson plan created by our students and
faculty advisors
quilted heart

• Upcycled bracelets

• Artistic displays of messages of compassion

• An Instastory about how to combat stereotyping in their home

• picture of their school’s CWB team

• DVD of the experience

• tee-shirt with the 2017 Islip CWB logo and all of the participating

Click here to watch a video from the event

Welcome New Principals

Welcome new Principals to the SCHSPA! The Suffolk County High School
Principals officially welcomed its newest members at the annual general
meeting. We wish our newest colleagues the best of luck in their new

Milton Strong Half Hollow Hills East High School
Maria Andreotti Amityville High School
Clinton Grant Lindenhurst High School
Frank Pugliese Shoreham-Wading River High School
Michael Miller Bridgehampton High School


8th annual Compassion without Borders Student Leadership Conference

Congratulations to the students and staff at Eastport-South Manor High School for successfully hosting the 8th annual Compassion without Borders Student Leadership Conference. Click on the video link below to see a snapshot of the days events



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